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Saturday, June 12, 2010

La Bastellerie in Berlin

As promised, here are the fun action photos taken whilst filming at the knit evening held at La Bastellerie.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Berlin was a Blast!

Firstly, I went to the knit evening at La BasteLLerie where I was welcomed by a gorgeous group of knitters, crochet masters, and a variety of stitch artists. Had a wonderful time in Berlin with some fabulous knitter/crochet/yarn bomber locals! (Photos coming soon!)

Then on Saturday the 5th on June, I went to a knitting party like no other.

Organized by the girls of Stricken Bar who are actually the Berlin group of CFT, who are connected to the lovely Soléne from Paris interviewed earlier this month. Oryanne and Emmanuelle organised an event of knitting and crochet crafts which involved teaching, drinking, sun bathing, socialising and just having a great time. A perfect afternoon it was on the terasse of stricken bar. Knitters have to be the coolest people on earth. Once I completed my filming, I joined them with a cocktail and my newest crochet project until sunset, and ahhh what a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon in Berlin.

Definitely a memorable afternoon which put a smile to my face :)

Where to next....
Photography by Jovana Cetkovic