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Sunday, March 21, 2010

2 more sleeps until the adventure begins!

I've got all my equipment ready, and now I just need to pack.
I've failed at my first attempt to start packing. Hopefully I'll get my things into a backpack in time.
I'm wondering if I should risk sneaking my crochet hook onto the plane. I'm not sure how it is with their obstruction of security measures. Those crochet hooks are pretty dangerous, but I'm making a flower how dangerous can I really be?

Catch you on the road!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Who's Next!?

So I'm really happy with my fabulous knitters Grrl & Dog and Veronica Darling and now I'm busy talk to many knitters about my next shoots.
I feel like maybe this shouldn't be a girl wit ha crappy camera because my camera is actually pretty good. I've also just purchased my own awesome radio mic so I'm READY! Funding so far has been a bit of a struggle. I'll be heading over to Scotland in early May where I'll be working at BBC (super YAY) so perhaps I'll have another opportunity to pitch there maybe?. WHO KNOWS? (Can you even imagine if BBC bought my story? I think I would lose bladder control).
Enough of hypothetical scenarios, My next interview will be in Tel-Aviv Israel in April, Stay tuned.

I've just put a segment together that I shot at Bendigo Woollen Mills... this is also where I buy my wool and meeting the staff made me love them even more. The clip is pretty dam good but I think that if I give away too much there might not be enough surprises. Please note, the clips I put on the blog are teasers only. They are not the final program, there are plenty of surprises.

Don't forget, if you hate this, please let me know because I want to know!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Teasing you with a short clip

Spending an afternoon with Veronica Darling.
Please note, these are only teasers, not the entire story!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Guerilla knitter in Amsterdam?

As I'm just about to leave for my world tour of shooting for the knitting documentary, I find the challenge getting excitingly harder. Thanks to the wonderful people who are helping me and the internet of course, I'm getting connected with knitters all around the world.

I'm currently looking for knitters in Amsterdam who are into stitching the streets. Please email me if you have any connections or are interested in having a say.

I'm also looking for people who hate guerilla knitting. I want to know why, tell me why please!!!