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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Big Breast Blog

Considering this blog is mostly about the Yarnbombing documentary, I've decided to make a separate blog for THE BIG BREAST . There isn't much extra information as yet, it will take a little bit of time to get the word out- so tell all your friends about it, subscribe to it, and register your knit ups!

I'm really excited about this event. Documenting it is really important! Make sure you organise someone to film your event!

I've noticed there are loads of videos on youtube of people documenting their tags to share. I really love it. To think how much this movement has grown thanks to the internet... in fact it might not have even existed if it wasn't for the internet. I love internet. Oh my its 5:30pm and the day has slipped by... the internet has stolen my day! Oh the confusion.

Did I ever mention that I've crocheted a piece to Guerilla Knit and I'm too chicken? I might get somebody to film me do it one day. I've had it for a year now. Such a chicken I am.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

OK PEOPLE. It's time, to Tit Knit

A global knit event is coming, you heard it here first.

What: The Big Breast

Huh? Be part of a group yarnbomb or an individual yarnbomb by tagging a knitted/crochet breast/s

Then what: Tell everyone about it, hang it up, Film it, document it, upload you footage onto dropbox, email me the link and I'll put it in the documentary!

Will you get more info soon? Yes!

When? Saturday October the 1st 2011, on International Breast Cancer awareness day

What to do now? It might seem too early to get cracking but believe me it's not! Get your creative juices flowing and get a yarnbomb team together to plan your mission. You need to decide what you want to knit -some of my ideas include:
*A knitted flag with 3D filled knitted breasts
*A large pair of stuffed breasts (could be one boobie bigger than the other)
*A flag with loads of different sized breasts- different colours, shapes, different nipple sizes

If you are an individual yarnbomber, think about small projects too!

Start thinking about where you want to tag your statement.

Remember, this project is totally your doing- but I want to know about it- and I want to document it. I can't be everywhere though. So I'd like you to please organise someone to film your tagging. It doesn't have to be professional filming- even a compact camera with a video recorder will do. Let's get it on film!

Register your group or individual participation by emailing me at
-your guerilla 'name' (pseudo knit name)
-City and Country
-Location for knit tag -if known- you can update with me later
-knit tag idea
-whether or not you are looking for participants/helpers

I'll get a website up for us soon.

Let's get ready for The Big Breast