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Saturday, June 14, 2008

I am a Cowboy

I am a Cowboy
Copyright Einav Leshetz 2007
I was roaming the streets of Israel in March 2007 with my Holga camera when I noticed the celebration of the day; Purim. Purim is the day of the year where kids dress up in fabulous costumes. The connection of the toy camera and the feel of the festival inspired me to photograph these modest kids. I came across this cowboy and after getting permission from his mother, I asked him for a photo. I wasn't sure if he was embarrest or proud of just over the idea of dressing up. There was always a question in my mind about whether the children dress up for their parents or do they dress up for their own enjoyment of fantasy.
I'm still not quite sure.
Either way, I shot this photo with an expired roll of Kodak T-Max, and I was happily surprised by the outcome.

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